P.S. Kitchen's Coffee

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P.S. Kitchen is proud to partner with Stori Coffee.

Co-founded by Arthur Karuletwa, a Tutsi survivor of the Rwandan genocide, Arthur made a conscious choice to take the path of grace and forgiveness in response to the events, he experienced as a child. 

The coffee beans are grown and harvested by the Hingakawa Women's Cooperative located in the mountainous region of the Gakenke district in Rwanda. Here, in the wake of the genocide,18 Tutsi and Hutu women revitalized Rwanda's coffee industry in order to rebuild their economy in the wake of unimaginable devastation.

The efforts of these women changed the future of their country, forever. Each bean, each sip is delivery of their strength and courage. 

We are excited to bring this product (coffee beans), in fulfillment of P.S. Kitchen's mission to "lovingly serve our clients, our employees, our society, and the earth" into your homes.